About EPA Systems, LLC

EPA Systems, LLC is a Texas-Certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) located in Austin, Texas. The firm specializes in Air Quality Consulting with an emphasis on the measurement side. EPA Systems can provide all of the front-end environmental work required for large projects, including permit support, modeling, and if required, ambient monitoring support (in some states, the agencies will accept actual data over modeled data). EPA Systems can also provide support for combustion engineering applications and design and develop CEMS solutions for any situation. EPA Systems has high-level custom database and software capabilities that can be used to archive and process large data sets or for custom process control.

EPA Systems capabilities include:
• Ambient air monitoring audits
• Ambient air, Fence-line, and meteorological monitoring
• Air toxics monitoring
• Atmospheric dispersion modeling
• Permitting
• Regulatory review and support
• CEMS supply and deployment
• Greenhouse gas consulting and regulatory support (40 CFR Part 98)
• 40 CFR Part 60 compliance and support
• Custom software and database application development
• Combustion efficiency equipment and services
• Air pollution control optimization and process emissions characterization.

EPA Systems Consultants have worked all over the US as well as globally. Each of the company’s principals has well over 25 years of industry experience as do our Associates. We have the experience and expertise to ensure project success.